Industry & Applications

The Industry & Applications Track

WIFS 2020 seeks to facilitate application-oriented research, exchange of ideas and collaboration between the academic research community and practitioners from the industry, government, NGOs, etc. In this spirit, we introduce the Industry & Applications (I&A) Track which creates a forum for discussion of the current problems / gaps in research, real-world use-cases and collaboration opportunities in the information forensics and security domain.

The presentation format will include a dedicated session (tentative planned for 90 minutes) with:

  • extended abstracts which summarize the main problems, use-cases and collaboration opportunities,

  • dedicated virtual conferencing rooms for each of the I&A partners where they can directly engage with delegates,

  • (optionally) a short pre-recorded video, which summarizes the message to the research community - this may be useful for async consumption and reaching people in different time-zones.

It is a perfect opportunity to connect with the research community and help us drive research with real-world problems and needs!


We are accepting submissions for the Industry & Applications (I&A) Track until Nov 13 2020. Please email your extended abstracts to wifs2020+applications [at] gmail [dot] com and use a template provided below. You will receive a decision within a few days of your submission.

Templates: wifs2020_I&A_track_template.docx

Fees and Sponsorship Options

Participation in the Industry & Applications Track costs $500 for for-profit organizations and $100 for non-profit organizations. To encourage participation from the startup community, we offer a 60% discount for small companies below 50 employees (the fee is $200).

I&A partners are welcome to consider the following additional options:

  • $500 for becoming a conference sponsor (your organization's logo will be prominently featured on our Website and in the virtual conference system).

  • $1000 for becoming a sponsor of a best-paper award (chosen jointly by the program committee and your organization).